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We offer stylish, comfortable, and durable safety shoes based on a wealth of technical experience in Japan


GeoDinar EPS Geofoam is a block made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which has been used as a material geotechnical engineering since 1960. The weight of geofoam is approx 1% of the weight of the soil, and 10% of the weight of the fill material another lightweight alternative. As a soil filling material very light, geofoam can reduce the burden the ground or structures beneath it.

PT Trans Solusi Indonesia

is a new company developed just recently on June 2022. Although we were just established, we are committed to provide the best quality products for the Indonesian market from the west to the east

Bridge inspection trucks

The bridge inspection truck is one of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s coolest tools. What makes it so cool?

The truck’s arm, or crane, is capable of reaching about 14 metres above bridges (for checking parts such as suspension cables) and 23 metres below bridges (for inspecting parts such as bearings and bolts).


We offer stylish, comfortable, and durable safety shoes based on a wealth of technical experience in Japan. Our safety shoes are  suitable for many industries such as mining, manufacture, construction, oil and gas, etc. Custom design is available upon request with minimum quantity.


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